Break New Ground

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I hear the voices “Go and give it a shot”
Got to make my dream come to life
Life is hard but I’ve got to fight it out
I have not a single shred of doubt in my mind
Fortune and fame
Don’t mean a thing to me
Crowning glory Forget the past
Go for higher Ground
‘Cause I’ve got nothing to lose
Another reason to live my life
Cuts and bruises will not hold me back now
Gonna die with the flag on my back
You don’t know what’s ahead
Just groping in the dark
Gotta make up my mind
Gotta make up my mind
Go your way
The goal is out of reach but still in my sight
Gonna blow up your mind
Gonna blow up your mind
Carry on
Get on Get on Get on
Look out Look out Look out
Don’t back down Break new ground
Don’t you dare Waste your life
Don’t look back Past is gone
Live to fight Live for dream

Autor(es): Akira Takasaki / Minoru Niihara