Gucci Mane

Break Ya Self

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Rule number never leave home without it,
Fuck around cross town your ice yul leave
Without it break your self (2) weak rappers
Break yourself break yourself (2)fake trappers

Take ya wealth rule number two dont get caught
Dolo solo is a nono run up on on you with the snubnose
Break yourself (2) you kno the drill break youself leave you
But naked walking down the street by yoself wtf up with you

Motherfuckas talkin all that rukus o thats your girl well took yo girl freind
Got more mouth than truckers you a blowpop shes a sucker
Pull my glock out let it rock out you got nuchucks
Like chuck noris gun bust till your eyeballs pop out

Gucci i just pull my drop out mama still make that i drop out
Facin ten years so i took that six my cop out
These n-ggas lie sometimes beleave the life
They rap bout yo whole click i come wipe out
Why gucci all you talk bout ?
Yea i keep that thang on me you know what that thang is ?