Breathe Deep

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Walk with fools put your trust in the heartless
become a drowning man
sink deeper show me what you're made of
bound and gagged
don't hold your breath this is my advice to you
just fall wait in vain for arrival of rescue
stay weak, you can't fight the sickness boy
you're destroyed
to put your trust in a march with the blind
is to parade without sight too
just punch yourself in the face 'cause it's easier
than a lifetime as a fool
and I'm the one who stands above with the salt
as soon as the pain rips the skin
so hold real still while I administer a well
deserved vaccination
twist your voice, put the verve into motion
but the defense is thin
like combat another balancing act
your end begins don't hold your breath
suffocation just a blink away
always the victim the weak will play..so..