Kelly Rowland

Breathe gentle

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Oh, oh
I want to give you all of me, the underneath
Want you to show me imperfection is actually love
I thought, cursed i was cursed
Destined to be lonely
A circle in a world of squares
Where nobody knows me
So with every footstep i must
Follow the kissing moments
I thought were impossible

Breathe gentle, be gentle
Don't leave me behind
When love goes faster
Breathe gentle, be gentle
Never let me go when love goes faster
I will be gentle

See, photographs have only two dimensions
But love defies all logic in a picture
Above all that is physical, i'm falling
Falling uncontrollably it terrifies me
So if my compass, it fails me
And i feel i'm walking blind
Don't say goodbye
Don't let me hide

Oh please don't let me spiral
Tortured by you, oh, sweet torture!
I am a pirate love my fortune
The walls have fallen now
The key is yours to turn i'm breathing

Breathe gentle, be gentle
Every time i run somehow love runs faster
Without you loneliness is everlasting
I still feel you
But i hear you - loudly
Screaming please wait for me
Cause i don't want to hurt you
And i don't want to lose this love this time

Se cerco lo vedo
L'amore va veloce e tu stai indietro
Se cerchi mi vedi
Il bene più segreto
Sfugge all'uomo che non guarda avanti mai