Breathe Out

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One More,
Oh pain to another, just another
Still he watches you
Here we go
Worked off to worked off
Peel everything back
Never, never could I be in any better
But you know, everything I knew it
But you know it alright
Everything inside, know that you cannot
Realize, Realize the pain in my and your life

One more, two more
Just a little fuck it up
Take all my beatings down again
Down again, down again
But I can, but I can
But you know I can see
See right through, through the words you told me
But you know I cannot hold out
Everything inside know that you cannot
Realize, Realize the pain in my
And your life

I see the pain
She drips from your eye
You tell me that the hate's not over
Rise from your bed
Clutching the thought
Staring at the dreaming killer tonight
You said you sorry
But it's too late
Still i'm not sorry
But it's too late

Keep it up kid
Keep it up kid
Cause why i think alone
Keep it up kid

Keep it up kid
Keep it up kid
You can't tell me nothing
Keep it up kid
See as i'm breaking down
Not much more to feel
Hurry up the time
Suppress your inner fear
Falling faster and i don't even know
The reason why
I gues i'm just a little too...

Fall, hit, break
It brings me down
To what you want
But me, i am
The one to break
I can't breathe out
And still
You scream find yourself respect

Autor(es): Bill Gaal / Chris Houck / Matt Holt / Nothingface / Tom Maxwell

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