Dierks Bentley

Breathe You In

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I’ve never been the kind
To bear my heart and soul,
Yeah I’ve always taken pride,
Staying in control.
I told myself,
I’d never fall too deep.
But girl you came along,
And made a liar out of me.
I’m as gone, as I, can be.

I wanna breathe you in,
I wanna be so close,
You can wear my skin,
Like a new set of clothes.
So you can’t even tell,
Where you end and I begin,
I wanna breathe you in.
I wanna breathe you in.

Your silhouette
And moonlight on the wall
As you crawl across the bed,
Beats all I ever saw
The smell of your hair,
Falling on my face.
Those red wine, kisses
Give a buzz with just one taste.
Girl you blow, me, away


Again, and again, and again.
Until the sun comes up
Mm again, and again, and again,
I can’t get enough.
I can’t get enough.


I wanna breathe you in.

Autor(es): Dierks Bentley / Marty Dodson / Ryan Tyndell

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