Suburban Legends

Brian And Vince Experience

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Brian And Vince Experience

Baah baah baah baah baah bah
Jump on it, jump on it
(I love you ladies)
Jump on it, jump on it
Baah baah baah baah baah bah
Jump on it, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it

I'm the King that is your number one choice,
Girls don't recognize don't even hear my voice.
I walk up to a girl and begged her "who do you love?"
Said now "no one without a king to love."

Got no game like Shaquille O'Neal
I tried to talk to a girl she said "Boy, get Real"
But folks, please listen when I say I'm a Gemini and my trumpet players gay.
That's the way he be slamin' not by the fellas
But the Girls he be mackin'.

But folks there's a message in my rap,
Please love me and try to stay off of crack.
If I pass you up it don't mean a thing,
Cuz ladies and gentlemen I'm Brian the King.

He's the king
The only one
Get on your knees
Butt-naked please
Get on you knees.

You know I'm the one
Never second to none
When the mic is in my head I drop my "Zs" like a shotgun.

Ooh ha I make you feel the Vince's style
All Villages be feelin' it all the way to the Nile
Like ooh ooh I can't believe its getting stronger
Will can I stop you must ruffaluff longer.

Well others try and do it
Like me and Brian do it
Hear the other intense you know that we been through it
When the mic is in my hand I got total control
Because Vince and Brian gonna rock and roll
Vince and Brian gonna rock and roll.

When I say "Vince and Brian"
You say "rocks!"
Vince and Brian
Vince and Brian

When I say "make some,"
You say "burritos!"
Make some
Make some

Call me
Call me
Call me!
Call me!
Call me!
Pick up the Phone!

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