Bring Me The Devil

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A Rambo mercenary to the day I die!
To the streets! my troops will will prepare
For rebel war
Bring all pain and wrath
When all ghosts arise
Burning flames of retribution,
For the wrong!

Npw strike! the curse on yu!
The king I am, an ancient hate
Called Beast
Yes, watch...I won't set you free
I'm starting up a rage,
Rampage again!

(bring!) bring me the Devil!
Bring me the Devil!
(i'll kick his ass, and then
I'll break his neck!)

No-one survives our might
The strong & weak will fall
Revolutionary bomb inside my mind
Swarm the streets with my Demons
Set to destroy
Brought to their knees
Evil ones will fail
Self-righteous scum
Dictators will fall!

And here we go again!..
War! wa-wa-wa-war...war!
Wa-wa-wa-war! war! war!
hammer comes crashing when the
Hour of darkness in near
Be afraid, so afraid
Armageddon is here
Power brings hatred in the minds
Of the corrupt
Go insane, so insane, it's done
The law is my gun
& the done

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