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You can’t take this away from me,
You don’t know what life I could have.
A dark corner is not a good place
For that which is forever bright.
Aching silence and statospheres,
Don’t run away from what you fear.

The dark matter will wipe them clean.
Rape their dreams with all you have,
I’ve got no sympathy.

Silent dark - unawoken
Pallid gaze - unrelentless
No one could stop it but me

Innocent - undecided
You didn't catch me as I fell
Dissipating out of memory
It's just one more number

Frozen - suffocated
How many days has it been?
Broken in - desecrated
When did it get so quiet?

From those outside,
The room's looking smaller, a little bit smaller
No hiding from the hidden
I'm feeling much colder, a whole lot colder
Ah - dissipating out of memory
It's just one more number
I can't run so long away from this
We're just one less number

Dark room - disintegrating
Falling through the crevices in the floor
Hurting - I'm obliterated
Is there anybody who can help?
I just can't hear you, now.
Will they still know me when I'm gone?