Broken Hands

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I could see you coming from miles away
I didn't want to know, no not today
I could feel you coming
I felt so out of touch
Hangin' on so tight for life
While the bones in your hand got crushed

How come I always know
When the worst is gonna come
Sometimes it's so hard to know
When you can't change what's gonna come

How could they make you go
How could they break your hands
How come I always have to know these things I can't stand

I loved your fragile fingers
So thin, so smooth, so long
I lose my mega memory
How did we ever get along

I loved your fragile fingers
Oh - how they used to soothe me
I need to hear you play again
To smooth my hard feeling

How come they made you go
How come they broke your hands
How come I always have to know
How come I never understand
I never understand - oooh understand

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