Big Bill Broonzy

C And a Blues

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It's a little train leaving out of here : they call the C and A
Going to take me home baby : I'm going home to stay

Because I'm leaving in the morning : Lord on that C and A
Babe I'm going back to St Louis : I'm going there to stay

Now my baby got unruly : she left from home
What she going to come back and say : when she find her daddy gone

My woman walks around : with her mouth poked out
She won't tell nobody : what it's all about

Now pack up my clothes : shove into your door
I'm leaving this morning mama : I won't be back no more

Now it's C for Chicago : A for Arkan
Why did I leave you baby : because I'm tired of taking you dogging

Autor(es): Big Bill Broonzy

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