Adam Carroll

Bubble Gum Or Bad Karma

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A couple three bucks for a can of snuff was money poorly spent
Didn't see a girl or a car around so I threw it on the hot cement
Well I parked the car and I went to school when I came back in haste
There was a big ol wad of bubble gum that was sittin in its place

The sticky side of the yin and yang on my shoes cramps my style
Some joker's chompin on a big league chew with a big fat Budda smile
Countin out my change from the Iching I can't help but hold a grudge
Was it bubble gum or bad karma, let my guru be the judge
Was it bubble gum or bad karma, let my guru be the judge
My foot got stuck when I hit the gas and I swerved to miss a skunk
And I ram into a bus load full of ten Tibetian monks
The bus was wrecked, nobody got hurt, but they cussed me really loud
I said I guess this was the first time that y'all broke your silence vow
I said please don't call the cops man and I offered them some wine
We played chinese checkers and they beat me every time
They stole the car and they grabbed the wine they said you were bound to lose
And I got left on the side of the road with bubble gum on my shoes
I limped my way back into town and the blues came down on me
Couldn't get back to my humble home cause the monks had took my keys
Sat down on the doormat and I hung my head and wept
Spent the night trying to meditate out on my front porch steps
I think Ho Chi Minh's got herpes but Confucious was really cool
Bubble gum makes you stutter, snuff just makes you drool
Well I might come back as the Dalai Lama or I might come back as a clown
But I hope that things go better in my next time around
Might come back as the Dalai Lama, Might not come back at all
Might come back as a holy cow grazing in Nepal
Or I might come back as an outlaw rickshaw driver named Omar
I wanna be pickin the hindu blues with Ravi Shankar