Buried Alive

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Buried Alive
It's very naive of You to believe in the dream,
to believe that you can fall asleep forever.
In the morning the body was unconscious.
He was sure to be dead.
He was to be buried.
Only a stranger didn't believe
that he was dead,
but nobody believed that it is was a
lethargic dream.

His body was lying under
several metres of humid soil.

He didn't find the rest, he only knew,
what everlasting sleep was.
He wanted to become a master,
but he was just a slave.
He was sleeping and didn't know
what his sleep turned out to be.
And still he fell asleep in that world,
but could his dream contain another dream?

It would have been worse to wake up
and find himself below ground.
There were so many people buried alive,
who were lying somewhere nearby,
they were dying of the thought
that they had been interred too early.

The main point was that there was
no way out and they were
going to stay there forever,
that fear would shroud their mind
and death would come like black dream.

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