Buried Alive

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Sinners you tremble all with guilt
You'll never wash away the pain inside your eyes
Tempters you're such an infidel
You'll always walk five steps behind for all your lies

Wandering blindly, how can they find me
While burning from fires inside
Life's an explosion. False hopes and emotions
That cripples and buries alive

You're buried alive
Barely alive

Coward, I take you from this place
You're just a follower that's following again
Devour this small yet deadly space
You're just a losing begging for another win

Cringing in terror, Hiding forever
The spirit of love never dies
No hope for tomorrow so drown in your sorrow
And leave this bleak world all behind

You're buried alive
You might as well die

You cling to silence it's your only friend
Maybe tomorrow it will be your end
(Without me)
Your disposition's such a sweet success
and now you just become a fatal trend

Embracing the ending
The sorrow is sending
A candle is snuffed by the light
and on the horizon your red glowing eyes
On your spirit they kiss you goodnight

You're buried alive
The Devil's Inside

Your Buried

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