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you rich fucking scumbag your gonna get a brick
because your life style is the anchor that sinks us in the shit
you have cars worth more than houses, but that isn't enough
your life is based on property and wealth you stole from us
invested. gentrifucking our neighborhoods and town
while sucking the life out of everthing you touch
the problem is so fucking clear, the solution so plain to see
and the fucker hanging for the noose will be you not fucking me

your gonna witness vengence you cannot comprehend
lifetimes of robbing us will get you in the end
our anger has been breing, fewer options left to choose
watch your fucking backs when we attack there's nothing left to lose

we fought your arrogance with notes that came on bricks
smashed your shiny shop fronts up and bashed your car to bits
but your stupid fucking media let loose a river full of shit
and tryed to drown us all and minimalize what we had taken bit by bit
of course thay would protect your wealth at any cost
but when they labeled our attacks racist they had it fucking wrong
were fed up and full of hatred but it won't be misdirected
if your poor you're fucking poor but if your rich you'll fucking get it

you stupid fucking parasite you got you got your fucking brick
and there is a million more waiting to sink you into shit
from the start of time you've raped and robbed yourself right to the top
refused to see the lives it's cost to get where you are
ignored the agony of those who've suffered from your greed
and most of all your lives have made our lives a living hell
so now is the time to get revenge and see the tables turn
we'll torch your cars and houses and then we'll watch you fucking burn

Autor(es): Bruce Cockburn / Gavin Golden Brown