Burned Alive

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My burned skin breaks
as I try to move my arm
blistered and almost black

I'm burning up but I won't give in
I'll catch every goddamn ray of sunlight
while I am here

I won't use sunblock NO
and I won't go inside
I paid for the sun and sea and beach
that's what I'll take
oh yes it hurts now
but I'm insured
I'll enjoy this trip to the extreme
no holding back

Fried to delerium
brains well done
never yield
to the blazing sun

I'm burned alive
I'm burned burned alive

Third degree burns
still going strong
one day to go and I am out of here
back to work in aircoed hall

My skin doesn't fit me anymore
like a sloughing snake it's peeling off
my intestants bare to the blazing sun
I try to call the hospital but it's too late

I'm burned alive
I'm burned burned alive

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