Abysmal Torment

Burning Flames' Embrace

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Walking towards the night
The flames once burnt inside
Back then I was alive
When the fire walked by my side

The screaming fire burnt the leaves of mine
And left the ashes of divine
All the leaves contained my name
The shadows took them and carried away

Firewalk, I want to feel it again
Dance on the flames, does it feel the same?
Tears of blood they burn my face
I want to feel the burning flames' embrace

The cold night freezing up my sins
The memories of ice burn my skin
But I see the flames of gold dancing
And the last one of the leaves is still burning

Now all the ashes contain my name
I'm one with the dark, I've lost the flame
My unleashed thoughts flying to the distant land of
And disappear in the sand

Firewalk, I want to feel it again...

Emptiness has filled my heart
I see a blaze but it's much too far
I try to reach for it, it's calling my name
I know it's my fire with its warm embrace

Like a frozen flower covered with ice
My soul is cold and ready to die
This holy secret turned to a sacred lie
I followed it and lost my guide

Firewalk, I want to feel it again...

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