Burning Inside

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Summons with the magic, a stranger fear
extending your dreams, to a cruel fate
the past belongs to me, my faith is dead
a long ways from regret, await my turn...

...victim of their malefices, black
psychotic illusions, the forces of darkness
the riddle of book, they give you...!!

Condemned to die, burning inside
became you immortal life, is here the
witch, burn
for me!!

You practised the evil, between the souls
now your spirit is a slave in the devil's
it's the call, of my heavenly god
to prophet the witchcraft, in Salem town
... you'll discover the forbidden
ecclesiastic resolution, for the secret sins
the enemy, you master of the arts
immortality, we don't believe it

The immortal fears, take your life again
you don't know eel, my wrath descend
... son of evil, son of sorcerer,
it's the way for going to him
faith obsessed, sin of preacher,
you don't know my reality

My way, my god, can you hear my plea?
I needed the well, now I remember
the final blow is starting to me
the infernal suffering is my destiny

Concretion of my tortures, because it is
my belief
horror, the pleasure of blood, upon hands
evil, my body is feeling, the decay
just, permanent pain, I can fell...!!