Beat Happening

Bury The Hammer

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when theyre gone and the heart is pumping cold
Another burnt offering in worship of the toll
Paid at waystations long a lonesome road
Kick the stirrup and write an empty soul

Kiss and forget is how it began
Pizza then photos,Love letters in the sand

Empty buildings in an empty town
Knot the hollow life and make a hollow sound
A promise of a holiday
And you can travel
Scrapped and clawing
Knocked out of the saddle

Forgive and forget its time to make ammends

BUry the hammer

Forgive and forget its time to make ammends
You smile that its okay
You turn and walk away

How many times can you start again?
For the pleasure of light and kisses on the wind
When you love another one, but you cant have em
bleak sunshine
Makes you sadder

Bury the hammer

Forgive and forget
Its time to make ammends

there is no one

Bury the hammer

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