Busted No. 2

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When I was a kid for the mean things I did I got busted that's right
Paw'd take the strap to the back of my lap I got busted
Why we were so poor out there in the country
The folks couldn't afford it so the neighbors had me
Two rooms and a path for the whole family we was busted

Yeah I growed up to be an old ugly boy and they got me in the army you see
It wadn't hardly any time oh bout three years I guess until

They gave me a stripe the pride of my life I made private I did
Said son you're in luck here's an old army truck and you can drive it
But I dumped the platoon in a site near the lagoon
Now I clean the latrine by the light of the moon
The general came by and he ripped off my stripes said you busted just like that

I met me a girl a few days ago she was busted I mean busted
I bought her a gown for a few dollars down and I trusted
We got all spruced up and went out on the town
She dropped her purse and when she bent down
This new silken gown for a few dollars down got busted
Just ripped all I mean it ruined it
Trouble is I gotta pay for it and I can't afford it cause I'm busted

Autor(es): Harlan Howard

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