Apocalypse Hoboken

Butter On The Rim

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Yeah well he's watching you
Fucked up from sniffing glue
He find a way to break on through
Gonna get real close to you
He sniffs your panties yeah
Make you feel read bad
You're Daddy's girl for the rest of the night
Don't try to put up a fight
He knows what you feel inside
He won't let you hide
Little girl won't you come my way
Go ahead and cry
He knows what you fear inside
He won't let you hide
Little girl better run away
It's O.K. to cry
He reems you without face
Got butter all over the place
He didn't mean to make you sad
Come back honey and hug your Dad
Beat beat down Gotta beat him down
Buck Buck down Gotta Buck his down
Hurt the Motherfucker / kill the motherfucker
Smile girl it's a better day
You pulled the trigger and you blew him away
You stopped the pain so you know it's through
Just something that you gotta do

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