By The Grace Of God

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Do you really believe that things work out in the end
or do you find it fun just to pretend
that in some strange way you'll learn to fly
right before the ground comes crashing by?

They say tomorrow's another day
so leave your troubles here and walk your dreams away
If you follow your heart you won't be led astray
but oh, how the heart will betray...

So you think that you're broken now
(and) This is as bad as it gets
Well, in truth you've got a long way down
You ain't seen broken yet

So you thought that you could fly through the clouds
and you would never be weighed down
by the faith you carry on your shoulder
and the hollow sound of it tipping over?
You're stepping forward but you're moving back
the grace of God all that you lack
When you tire of that what will you do?
It only takes a second to change your view

When things aren't going your way
it's time for a new path to be laid

So follow me...

So rip your heart out of your chest,
'cause at this point it's for the best
As for what you build out of the rest,
it can't be worse than that old mess

Just think how far that you can go
and all the things you'll come to know
I'll show you things you dare not dream
the pleasures of the flesh, closer than they seem

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