Cadillac Cowboy

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Hold tight to the leather fist
Watch out when he starts to twist
That's what daddy used to tell them boys
How to ride them bulls
There's a jingle in my jeans
Sore places in between
I'm leavin' old Fort Worth
With a push and a pull

Ten four buddy come on back
A horse trailer on a cadillac
Yea we're talkin to the cowboy
In the coupe de ville
Chug a luggin' up one side
Slidin' down the(A)other.
Well i'm a lover of the other
Side of the hill

Bandana hangin' on the mirror
Still wet from ear to ear
Well I guess it's true then
What the wise men say
When you ride your last one
Make sure he's a fast one
Jump while he's movin'
Keep your hat boys and walk away


Turn up that radio
Don't think about a rodeo
Don't think about a roundup
Out in old Cheyenne
It's a crazy circuit
But still you work it
Turn down that sound boys
Let's get up and check the scan

Autor(es): Chuck Pyle

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