Caffein Nicotine Benzedrine (and Wish Me Luck)

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Been pushin' that diesel since early dawn
Ain't had no sleepin' I don't know how long
Whole lotta trouble makin' them curves
Now I need a little something to settle my nerves

So hey little waitress make a coffee strong
A pack of king size filters and a country song
Little box of whiteys to help pick me up
Caffein nicotine benzedrine and wish me luck

I was rollin' down the highway with heavy eyes
I saw a lit up billboard that had you advertised
Everything for a trucker a lotsa parking space
And the sign out front says Louisiana is the place

So hey little waitress make a coffee strong...

Well I got hung up over left Chicago late
And the big bossman I don't like to wait
Memphis in the morning got to burn the wind
And I ain't a gonna make it in the shape I'm in

So hey little waitress make a coffee strong...
Caffein nicotine benzedrine wish me luck

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