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Can't you see the fires rise
To San Fernando Valley skies
What a sight
A comedy of panic and flight
As crows alight
On Indio and Mecca and Blythe

Now you're over, done
You're undermined
Last cigarette on the firing line
You're into the blue
You're out of mind
Now we have California

Can't you hear the sirens scream
On Sacramento's acrid breeze
Shakes the leaves
From Mendocino's rattling trees
As blackouts seize
San Bernardino down to its knees

I've seen those wraiths
Of Hollywood
Falling down in heaps
On La Cienega
I've seen them kneel
At the chopping block
All this blood and carnage
And me without a camera

Can't you feel the tremors now
In San Francisco's
Fragile ground

Now you're overdone
You're undermined...

Autor(es): Splitsville

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