Tyler Hilton


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Man on the corner, said son won't you choose,
The life that your living or this pair of travelling shoes,
Cause theirs a place called California,
And the road there is free,
So its off to California for me.

The bus is always stopping,
And the train moves too slow,
So I'm hitchhiking my way to the California coast,
Well I'm leaving my woman,
Hell I'm leaving all three,
Cause theirs more in California for me.

I've got a passion for a place I never saw
With those wide open spaces,
But no spaces to have a home,
So the first thing that I'm a doing,
Is I'm a cutting down a tree,
To make some space in California for me.

So boys cant you hear me,
Theirs a new thing thats there,
Show a fella around the town,
To get accustomed to the air,
Cause I've got jokes just for gentlemen
Aslong as drinks are free,
In the first night in California for me.

I'll be damned if theirs no empty land left I say,
All I want I'd never had if I kept all I kept I saved,
I wont be searching for California more,
Place like California,
Babe I know them from the poor,
But a judging man I've never been,
And never will I be,
No more California,
So long for California,
No more California for me