California Girls

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She loves the sunlight
How it paints on her soft skin
Takes care of those tan line
Scar tissue from the morphine

Baby don't you know you are stardust
And you're a long long way from home, way from home
(So) baby brush it off like it's sawdust
Or you'll spend the california days alone, days alone

Those california girls got me outside all night

This is the last straw
Take it off
This is the last straw
Why don't you take it all

She ain't never seen the zoo
With the monkey on her back
They'd arrest her at the booth
And then sell her to the lab
Put a label on the box that says
Treat her like it's glass
If she gets one scratch her parents
Never take her back
To be honest
She's a liar full of promise
She thinks her rolex makes her timeless
Her famous friends think she's harmless
I'd burn the bridge with her on it

(California girls got me outside all night)

Pinned down, pinnacle
She looks like a centerfold sinner, cynical (baby)
Oh my, make her moan, amateur, barritone
Sex drive, like animals (baby)
Ooh how I like the smell of west coast pheromones
She smells like west coast pheromones

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