California Redemption

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You say you've got a worthy cause, and we should all invest.
I've heard about a few, but what about the rest?
No, I will never go. Hell no, I will never go.

We own it now!

So take all your rights and your revelations.
Between you and me, man, I think it won't be long.
And now that I've been here, I've known for all too long:
Today is a good day for redemption.

But something is wrong here.
No, something's not right.
Someone is calling my name in the night.
I've heard it before, and it sounds like a lie.
But I know we'll be alright.

We are the ones taking a dive for it.
This is where it starts and it ends.
It all makes perfect sense.

A rebel to start turns a patriot.
Is there truth to that?
Let's just see how it evolves.
Why follow their lead when we lack no resources?
What can you say of yourself as of late?
We're being kept alive in a comatose state.
Believe that everything you hear and see is true.
They're feeding you shit through a feeding tube.

What? You wanted more? You can't ignore,
it burns red hot like the desert sun, its true.
Redeeming your self? Now the truth won't help you.
(In the name of the world)
What you feel inside, bring it back to life.
Everything you'd ever want to see:
the truth, faith, honesty, thoughts and beliefs.

We own it now!

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