Callie Wallie Doodle All The Day

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Went to the pound, got me a dog; I won't forget the day
I brought her home, she wagged her tail and she began to play
Dig a hole, dig a hole
Dig a hole in the flower bed
She dug up every plant and tree
Now all the grass is dead

She grabbed hold of the curtains and then she gave a tug
She left a little pile in the middle of the rug
Eat a hole, eat a hole
Eat a hole in the garbage can
Once she tried to eat the
UPS delivery man

We tried to train her on a leash but she just wouldn't stay.
I'd throw her sticks; she'd sit and stare and then she'd run away
Break a hole, break a hole
Break a hole right through the fence
The neighbors will not talk to me
Relationships are tense

She sleeps upon my bed now; moves me out of the way
The blankets are in shreds now, she barks at me all day
Take the whole, take the whole
Take the whole is yours
I'm sleeping on the floor now
And I'm scratchin' at the doors

Autor(es): Barry Louis Polisar

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