Celebration Bound

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On the bus at 5 a.m. I am on my way
A cross Atlantic fl ight ahead Atonement is today
Everything that is to be Is up there in the sky
As simple as it's hard for me
Destination, fly

All along my way I hear the calls to pray
Taking' off today Take off, before it sours

We'll fl y for hours You know, I'm Celebration bound
Take off, well doesn't it make sense?
Love knows no difference Hold on, I'm Celebration bound.

I saw your beacon from a far I heard your secret call
I'd love to have it out with you To be against the wall
The early morning light comes down In pink across the sky
I feel the wings inside me stir
Destination - fly

All along my way wa I say come what may
Taking off today

Autor(es): Mikael P. Eriksson

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