Call it Quits (Bonus Track)

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[Intro : Cappadonna]
Don't get it twisted
Just came to shed
a little light on things
'cuz it's like y'all be forgettin'
I don't really
be havin' too much to say

[Hook 4x : Cappadonna]
I was lovin' you before
but girl now you know
I'm callin' it quits


You told me you was goin' to stay over your mother's house
But my niggaz on the block said you at Mike brother's house
I came back from off tour stains was on my livin' room couch
You was lookin' at me like you ain't know what the fuck
I was talkin' about, yup
You was once in my life but you gon' soon to be out
See ya
I don't give a fuck about you bitch
Go ahead tune me out

[Hook 6x]


You said you was goin' over Gina's house to get your hair did
But you was really sneakin' round on me and fuckin' that other kid
You said you live in Brooklyn but that's not really where you live
I followed you to Queens
You came outta somebody else crib

[Hook 6x]

You used to be my down bitch
Now you just a clown bitch
You ain't nothin' but a slut
That's why I hardly come around bitch
I was amazed over the ill shit I heard that you did
My niggaz pulled the train on you broke your little ribs
'Don and my dogs, hate honeys that's the game
That pussy was never mine
It don't even feel the same
We was never goin' nowhere
Our life were based upon lies
And you didn't really love me
You was lovin' my dick size

[Hook 6x]

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