Call It What You Want

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Called a friend of mine today
Just wanted to see how he was
He let the phone ring though he was home
It's just something that he does
I would have asked him what was new
If there'd been trouble he'd been through
Was he working or been to school
Was there something he'd like to do?
He's alone he doesn't care
Say's it's how he wants to be
Says he like a lonely day
Say's he's better off that way
Looked in his room from dawn to dusk
No one knows just what he does
He wasn't seen for one whole year
No-one wondered where he was
He's home from work he makes his dinner
Reads a book, turn on the news
He's got a door but doesn't need one
Has a car he'll never use
Never goes out at night
I'll stay home, thanks I'll be just fine
But that's not how it always was
He used to do things all the time

Autor(es): Kurt Block

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