Hans Theessink

Call me

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When darkness lies heavy, the night is too long
You need a shoulder, you can lean on
Call me, call me

The words of a lovesong are hurting your soul
Your lover has left you standing out in the cold
Call me, call me

I can't bring you the rainbow
Promise you silver nor gold
Oh but darling, I can reach out a hand to hold

You can't tell your visions from reality
Like a clown that keeps laughing to hide all his tears
Call me, call me

You're walking a highway that got no return
Ain't no way back 'cause your bridges are burnt
Call me, call me

You can count on me, call me
You can count on me, call me
You can call me

You feel like a singer who's lost all his songs
A sailor that's been out upon the ocean too long
Call me, call me

The dreams that you dream can't pull you through
Disillusion keeps following you
Call me, call me

Autor(es): Hans Theessink

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