Call Off the Wedding

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Our love dies tonight.
Come on and take your best shot.
You've already hit me with your worst.
My heart is broken.
My mind is weak.
Come on and kick me while
I'm down.
We will both collide.
Bid your farewell.
I've been through your hell.
I've come this far.
Take your best shot.
Their eyes were watching
God and he was watching back.
Read my lips bitch.
I shared my world.
Now drag me through your hell.
I showed you all
I had.
Now drag me through your hell.
Feed the pigs.
I told you she's a knockout.
Shackled by the sound of your voice, but it's the one thing that's keeping me alive.
Call off the wedding and cancel the band.
Tell the caterers to feed the pigs.
Your words sting like bullets going through me.
If only they loaded this gun.
I told you she's a knockout.
You've buried yourself in lies.
You've buried yourself now.
Destroy the bonds that you have tied.
Destroy the paths that you have cleared.
Burn the bridges that you have built.
Burn this city.

Autor(es): Joe Cocchi / Jon Grande / Kevin McGuill

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