Call Out the Lions

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Frankie's on the bed spinning
Came over and slapped his head
The knothead was tied
Shaking in the dark
Shakes his head, looks so dangerous hanging in the park
I know you love your daddy
I know you love your mom
Well my friends, the time has come
To cease and desist
And I'm long gone
Three(?) eyes are burning
No one was into it
I'm ready for the war pound(?) Bring on the beatings
Think baby, you're thick and thin
Lithe and limber, cracked like timber
Flap your arms, beat the (?)
All you find there, on the street looking for a volunteer
A new kind of singer

You are music, don't let no one tell you that you got a job to do
Can't you hear it?
You are music, don't let no one tell you that you have a job to do

Says it's backed up with magic
What do they want with me?
Just making sure you're on the right side
Said(?) the people shines lightning shock
And you can take that to the bank
A vomit to just shakes (?)
Pale lips, making (?)
Copped a full haul
Not on octane
Leaving patches, soft and warm
Fret one thin (?), even when we go out on the wind

Autor(es): Neil Michael Hagerty

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