Call To Destruction

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Call to destruction of the symbols of paganism
Grand monuments of idolatry
We must tear down these blasphemous edifices of heathenism

We must annihilate all that is pre islamic
We must complete what the 'amr ibn al-'as could not
We must tear down these relics of infidelity

Great and mighty works of blasphemy
Mountains of ancient heresy
Sacrilege encased in stone
From thousands of years before the prophet

The pyramids must be torn down, demolished, erased
The ancient symbols of human civilization must be pummelled to the ground

Call to destruction

We must become as the prophet himself
Who demolished the koba temple to erect a mosque
And al as who laid waste to the library of alexandria
Burning a vast accumulation of ancient knowledge
Existing long before the quran
Before the quran
Before the quran

The preservation of human heritage
And the enduring achievements of mankind are secondary to the will of allah

We must eradicate all that is not in accordance with the writings of the messenger
We shall abrogate these architectures of profane ideology
Engage the destruction machines

We shall unwrite all human histories of heathen origin

We must become as like as unto the prophet himself
Who beheaded hundreds of apostate qurayza
We must cut off the head of the spinx
Timeless guardian of the ancient pharaohs
Whose mere existence is a blasphemy unto allah

The pagan idols and statues which fill our lands
Must be removed
Struck down

Their priceless remains
Desecrated and violated
Of their ancient profanation must be wiped off from the face of the earth

Call to destruction

All pyramids must be torn down
The preservation of human civilization
And the enduring achievements of mankind are secondary to the will of allah

Autor(es): Karl Sanders