Call Your God

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a snail in his shell
accosted my heart
"rip me, speedy,
it's not hard
the cancer grows through my skin
and what can I do but die?"
Well, what more to say?
who, now, to ask?

call your god
he's seething bored
his manifestations
you have ignored
call your god
your love will keep
another awakening
and no less frightening

you bend the ear
that planted the pain
to listen is poison
to any marriage
the cat was mum
up 'til the end
he proved himself
a true friend
and neither of us
knows how to change this

I put you on a penny
and dropped you in the bank
don't thank me for my money
don't thank me for the thanks
I see you in the city
parking tickets and pigeon wings
I see you collecting
pill boxes and playthings
I beg you, neglect me
I beg you to be still
if you won't protect you
who will? who will?

well, what more to say?
who now to ask?
tell me tell me tell me
what more to say?
who now to ask?
tell me, prithee
I'm here

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