Calm My Craze

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I'm gonna stay here by your side
Nothing you can say will make me change my mind
I'm as stubborn as they come
That's why I'm your number 1

I can't explain the way it feels
To narrowly escape the flames
We barely made it out alive
Kinda thought I lost my mind

The nightmare is that I'll wake up
Without you there to face the days
Each night I try to fall asleep
Without you there to calm my craze
You calm my craze
You take my life from a maze to amazing
You calms my craze
You keep me from
Going under

Please don't stop talking
I need you to walk me through quickly
I got the 1 track mind & you got the memory
Places my friends. It's time for the show to begin
This feels so unreal it must be pretend

There you were in front of me
I was sure that I had lost my reason to believe
Your children breathe through you
Generations adore you
Don't go, you're not meant to leave us
Somehow I just know

Autor(es): MxPx