Conway Twitty

C'est Si Bon

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C'est si bon (C'est si bon!)
Lovers say that in France (C'est si bon!)
When they thrill to romance (C'est si bon!)
It means that it's oh, so good. (C'est si bon!)

C'est si bon (C'est si bon!)
So I say it to you (C'est si bon!)
Like the French people do (C'est si bon!)
Because it's oh, so good. (C'est si bon!)

Every word, every sigh,
Every kiss, dear,
Leads to only one thought
And it's this, dear!

It's so good (C'est si bon!)
Nothing else can replace (C'est si bon!)
Just your slyest embrace (C'est si bon!)
And if you only would.
Be my own for the rest my days
I will whisper this phrase
My darling,
C'est si bon!

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