Cambric Dreams

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Eyes of time to me
there's no limit come back
death is a toy them
but my mind still roundabout
I can see the beginning
the first cult under the moon
but now I am,
into the sea cell-being

I can go,
I can see,
Across the spheres
My cambric dream

Demential architecture,
that no conceived by human race
flowers and mud,
let's walk into the humid forest
look out the temple
Niarlatotep is venerated here
this cave in the wall,
megalyptic repose for my body

I can go...

Mega cryptic noises coming from the forest
I can see the temples of archetypic gods

Cellular sea,
please protect me now
I was in the cult,
leave my mind dirty now
horror is follow me,
I need penetrate in the deeps,
Protect me of my dream
this deadly dream

I can see,
I can go,
Across the spheres
My cambric dream

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