Came into my life (yeah)

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Came into my life (yeah)
Make me fly again (yeah)
Like the thoughts I always counted on (love out)
Always be with you (yeah)
Are the one for me (yeah)
I am blinded by you (love out) *

I can sense that you're looking at me
Come to me (call me)
Slowly fall into me
Let me look after you (kiss me)

I can't just send you away
I can't let you go
I want to live in your eyes
They slowly dig into me
Don't say good bye

I know you miss me I'm crazy now
I want to rest in your warm embrace
I dreamed of it, satisfaction
I want to give you all my love **

* Repeat

I saw it all the first time I saw you
Look of fantasized vision (show me)
You filled my empty heart
Your confident look (tell me)

As much as I feel it
If you feel the same, don't avoid me
There's no regrets now
Bring me into your warmth
Don't say good-bye

** Repeat

I can't live without you
I'm waiting, for fate to bring me to you. Forever~

** Repeat

* Repeat

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