Camenbert and Runt

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Camenbert: Valrunt, you cur, there's no escaping me!
Ha ha, ho ho, ha ha ha ha hee hee-eee!

Camenbert: Runt:
You'll go back to the Pound. But I protest, I'm an innocent stray
You'll go back. Confess, Camenbert, you know it's true.
A dog like you I did not steal
cannot run free, that bone,
A dog like you. It was you.

Runt: Toodleoo!


At the End of the Road (parody of At the End of the Day)
Music by Richard Stone.

Rita: At the end of the road is the city of Paris.
At the end of the road is the city of light.
The city of romance,
All : We'll eat, drink, be merry and dance,
And with any luck at all we'll find shelter tonight.
Vive la France!

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