Camouflage To White

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Out here the stars are still shining
Recalling - events
Of pleasures that were just yesterday
Now reality finds you
Alone as a man
Trying to find the strength to be one
There's so many just like you
Just hanging out there
Waiting to deliver the night
They could easily find you
And all I've got are fears
Of turning camouflage to white
Lady luck sits beside you
You pray with your life
She takes you home with her one more time
Measure your understanding
The situations born
A need to function and stay alive
When reality finds you
The days of your life
Open up before your own eyes
It so easily found you
And all your darkest fears
Have turned this camouflage to white
I know
At night
That you
Never see the light
So dark
Like you
Camouflage to white

Autor(es): Roye Albrighton

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