Canadian Pacific

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I rode the Ocean Liner to Newfoundland
There I made my living in an iron mine
When I got my fill I went to Nova Scotia
And I fished in salty waters for a time
Passing thru Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick
And I see those rocks and cliffs of solid stone
Listen to the seagulls calling to each other
Made me miss my darling and my distant home

Canadian Pacific
Carry me three thousand miles
Cross the valleys and the forests
To the sunshine of her smile
Cross the plains and rugged mountains
Keep this wandering boy from harm
Canadian Pacific
Take me to my baby's arms

The Atlantic disappeared on the horizon
And Quebec lay waiting for me down the track
For a while I drove a truck to keep from starving,
In Ontario I was a lumberjack
Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Fallon
Where the wheat fields and the Old Red River flows
In the quiet air a whistle on a prairie
Touched my heart and set my memories aglow

I could feel the early savoir of soft kisses
When we rolled into Alberta westward bound
I worked on an oil rig to make some money
For a ticket to the sweetest girl around
Pushing on past Lake Louise in all its splendor
Where the trees and Rockies touch the sky above
I've got to British Columbia, a heaven
On your tracks I made it back to my true love

Canadian Pacific...

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