Can anybody hear me?

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I feel I'm drowning in a sea of hate
With the ebbing tide I see my life drift away
I've fought forever but it's far too late
I never thought I'd never live to see this day

Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody else feel the pain?
Can anybody hear me?
Or will my hope wash away with the rain?

I tried my best, but was it ever enough
I fought so hard, sled so much blood
Didn't think it would ever be this tough
Can't you see I did it all for love

The sacrifice made and the chances lost
It's a lonely life, but it's the life I choose
What I say comes from the heart
My only hope is that really shows

I'm always fighting go get my voice heard
Just a small man against a crowd
But there is a faithful that hears every words
And it's to you that my life is rowed

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