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I need to change the direction of my life
Other way to think, other way to feel
My mind is infected
I´m tired to do what they told to me

I need a chance, I need a change
I need a new way
I must erase my emptiness

Maybe this life´s not so important
Maybe this life is just a farce
Maybe it´s just a fancy dress party
Who will deprive me of this privilege

All around me still remains insanity
All inside me, Revolution!

Oppression, resistance
It´s true, it´s a lie

The party in my mind´s beginning
Our life turns into a lie
I´m not able to make out the present
I can´t even know if I am real

I can´t distinguish
Between present and past
I can´t even know if I am real

Autor(es): Easy Rider

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