(God Can) Change The World

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I've got a friend in L.A.
He's got problems, everyone knows
He laughs while we're together
But he cries when he's all alone
That empty feeling is all he remembers
He's always saying he's going to change
I tell him, "Talk is cheap,
"Your life is expensive
The price was paid
By Jesus with His blood"

I know God is real

I know a young girl
She's real happy, she's got lots of friends
She's an American girl
Life's just a party, the fun never ends


Late at night she cries in her bedroom
Wonders if anyone would care if she took her life
"Don't do it, you're being lied to,
There is a love that's real, that you can feel"

I know God can change your world

Autor(es): Gene Eugene

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