Chaotic Me

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Salvation what it is?
Quiet conscience and creed?
I'm too lost to be saved.
I've done what I've done,
Never dreamt about babylon I've built my own heaven!
Save yourself if that's what you want?
I feel powerful to be chaotic me!

There's no gods in my nights and days
I'm my biggest lord and I always will be
Your religion in not for me!
I've built my own world
Sweet chaotic me!

I'm guilty alone,when something goes wrong!
It's not the punishment from gods.
Conscience doesn't bother me about yesterday
...I'm proud of myself

I'm too lost to be saved..lost in my nights and days
I obey my own rules
Sweet rules that I've made
Salvation what it is? nothing but a piece of shit
My heaven in real... My heaven is real!

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