Twilight Ophera


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Seasons turn to end
Sea shall give up the dead
Nightmare hatched from dream
Ascendeth the dawn of the wyrm
Bloodsigned covenants call
Rapture of churchless syncretism
All gods judged as false
And truth hailed as sin

Taint of the beast
Seasons turn to end
Taint of the beast
The book of life rent
Taint of the beast
Break the smoke of torment
Taint of the beast
Triumph of bell stratagem

Hearken the voice of the prophet
We are devils own from birth
Pour the cup of indignation
Drink the wine of the wrath of god
Praise the sword and the man
Bear the stigma with pride

Deceived souls beheaded
In witness of damnation debate
Promises blood shed
In mayhems tirade

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