Candle In The Wind (Ben's Song)

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I wish I had more money than I have
And I know that's not punk
But I need to pay my rent
I can't survive without money
I can't survive without money

And I want to eat red, red meat
I want to feel it digesting inside of my tummy
And I support animal testing
I'd kill a kitten to save a human being

The whole human race are big, big dicks
We fuck holes in the world and fuck everybody else
We fuck because we are lonely
We fuck because we are lonely

We ought to give it one more shot
We have to save the world
And bathe ourselves with love
Because love is all we need
Except that love isn't really all we need.

We need compassion
And we need empathy
And we need love
And we need money
Or another way to fulfill the basic needs we all have

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